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how much will a website cost?
costs vary depending on the functionality. a static site, one that contains text, graphics and standard forms like email/contact forms run about $100 per page.

what do i get on my static pages?
all content [text/graphics] follow the proposal approved by client. this proposal will serve as a checklist to ensure the client will get what was promised, and to keep the project focused. the page/site will be optimized for efficient download time, search engines, accessibility and usability. optimization will ensure a user friendly experience along with more traffic to your site. basic search engine registration is included. site is tested on netscape, internet explorer, firefox and safari browsers for compatibility.

how long will it take to make my website?
because of the structure of designeffects, we can put a team together immediately to meet your needs. length of development depends on the project. project timelines are included in your proposal.

will designeffects host my website?
no. but, we will help you in selecting the right hosting platform to fit your technological needs and your budget. we will place your finished site on the server for you. training is also available for an additional fee, if you want to learn how to update your site content. maintenance plans are also available.

more questions? email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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